Business Week: From Garbage to Gold

Business week has a great article on how entrepreneurs are turning “green” ways of doing things into businesses.

This is also the idea behind, our service that allows people to share their items before they are thrown into garbage can. So, we are the Recykl Bin that you hit before you hit paper, plastic or bottle recycle-bins :-).

The point, as also stated in the business week article, is that being “green” is not only the right way but there is whole new economics to being environmentally friendly. The conventional wisdom is that economics and environment are inversely proportional to each other, but I don’t think so, and that’s exactly what is here to prove. You can protect the environment and at the same time profit economically. In fact, unless we find ways to make “green” technologies or ideas economically viable, it will not gain mass traction and hence no major impact.

The article has an example that there are about 1 billion printer cartridges in the land fill, and some of them might actually not even be empty or completely useless. Like the one on is in a broken printer but is almost full and it’s probably worth $10. If you are in Prague, you can get it for free.

We have already discovered that among our friends and family there was so much stuff just lying around, or about to be thrown that turned out to be useful. Even if we are able to reduce the landfill by a couple of thousand items, it worth the effort. Happy Recykling 🙂

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