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My uncle started to work as a truck driver. I must say, it is a tough job. You are driving from Barcelona to Warsaw, then to Zagreb and …
He enjoys it. He travels a lot and see the whole Europe.

He has got one major problem. The problem is navigation. Since the truck drivers are payed for fast delivery, he desperately needs a navigation system. He came to me for help, since I “understand computers” – which in my family means I’m asked for advice on anything that uses electric power to operate.

He asked me to find a good GPS system for truck drivers. I thought it is an easy job, but actually it is not. I found several sites with special software for truck drivers (for a laptop+GPS device), a lot of sites with GPS devices, but I was not able to find any site where there woud be a review of GPS systems for truck drivers.

Since I “understand computers”, I took an open source system GrabTheMic and created site www.tamtami.com. It is a bookmarking site specialised on product and services reviews. Now while I’ve been digging through the world wild web, I’ve collected there bookmarks of the good GPS reviews I’ve seen. They’ve helped me to get started in the GPS stuff and now they can help someone else. So, that’s it! You can check out the bookmarks there, vote on the best ones, throw in your two pence worth, or use them to advise your friends and family.