From Mysql to Oracle: Grails application migration

Today I have finished migration of our Grails prototype. Originally we did develop it for MySQL, but the final system have to work with Oracle. This post summarize troubles and differences I was facing. User creation Since I am not Oracle administrator, it took me some time to put together script that creates user and… Continue reading From Mysql to Oracle: Grails application migration

MagicDraw documentation

I like MagicDraw as a versatile CASE open to customizations. But recently, I’ve found this in the official MagicDraw javadoc: Well, you can’t say the OpenAPI is missing open (ended) documentation, can you? Update: For a start, I’ve created an index of MagicDraw 14.0 OpenAPI examples. You may find it useful – place it in… Continue reading MagicDraw documentation

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Google is the best search engine

I was checking my rail stat data and I did find this. It seems that Google is really the best search engine. Even people from Yahoo are using it. :o)

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