Google is the best search engine

I was checking my rail stat data and I did find this. It seems that Google is really the best search engine. Even people from Yahoo are using it. :o)

Moved to WordPress

Welcome to WordPress! We have moved to a new blogging platform and on that occasion we have also introduced a fresh new graphical design. Otherwise, all things should remain as you know them – good old articles with comments, permalinks, categories etc. Should you miss something, don’t hesitate to leave a comment here.

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Ignore files in subversion

This is just a simple procedure how to tell subversion to ignore files or directories. cd parent_directory # Check the current setup svn proplist -v . # set the editor to edit the properties export EDITOR=vi # open up editor with the properties svn propedit svn:ignore . Text editor opens (vi in my case) Here… Continue reading Ignore files in subversion

Converting family to Linux

I managed to convert my family to Linux. Not intentionally, it just happened. The final confirmation came on Saturday. My older son(5) was “coaching” the younger one(2). “Do not boot to Windows, there are no games there!” And how did I do it? Do not install games for kids to Windows Do not install MS… Continue reading Converting family to Linux

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Bayes classification in Ruby made easy

Recently I was experimenting with ruby bayes classification. At first sight it looks like a difficult topic, but with the right libraries it is interesting and funny. Before you start experimenting, you have to install 3 gems. gem install classifier gem install madeleine Confirm the required stemmer gem. For the beginning, lets experiment with the… Continue reading Bayes classification in Ruby made easy