Grails RichUI – Incorrect international characters of the month names

I am working on a small project and I decided to use RichUI plugin do display a timeline.
The plugin is just great and working like a charm. If you want to try it, this tutorial is a very good one.

The english version works perfectly, but I have found a small bug in the czech localization. The czech characters were displayed incorrectly.
The whole page, including data of the timeline, was using utf-8 encoding (it was specified in the heading of the page), but the names of the months were in cp1250.

The problem lays in the source code of the RichUI plugin (I guess). A file with the czech names of the months was saved as cp1250 file, not as a utf-8 file.
So, the solution is simple. Change character set of the localization file


to utf-8 and save it.

Do not forget to delete


Update: The bug has been fixed in version 0.6. See Jira.