Nested set plugin for Grails

We are happy to announce that our NestedSet plugin for the Grails framework has been released. The plugin creates a hierarchical structure on top of plain database records. A description of the “nested set” data structure can be found in Wikipedia. The NestedSet Grails plugin is non-intrusive – it does not change your data model,… Continue reading Nested set plugin for Grails

Utilizing Caches.rb with Ferret

We needed to cache a Ruby class method calling the Ferret indexing engine. “Yurii Rashkovskii”: developed a great library called “Caches.rb”: When I googled it out, it seemed very simple to use and promised to do *EXACTLY* what I need (even the default timeout was *JUST IT*). I especially liked the very Rails-like tutorial “Don’t… Continue reading Utilizing Caches.rb with Ferret

Visualize your Rails schema

While doing some Ruby on Rails code refactoring, I realized I’d like to visualize the database schema of the application. An easy possibility is to print out db/schema.rb. This seems a bit too linear and little visual to me. OK, I’d better keep thinking. An enterprise approach would be to take a CASE machinery and… Continue reading Visualize your Rails schema