Playing with Grails application configuration

This small tutorial will show how to create a configuration file and how to manage configuration of your Grails application. It will show how to Access configuration parameters Create external configuration Configure Spring for different environments Create a new environment Accessing configuration parameters The configuration of Grails is stored in grails-app/conf directory. Parameters are stored… Continue reading Playing with Grails application configuration

Modalbox in Grails

There is a nice and handy javascript library for creating kind of a modal “window”, similar to the famous lightbox. Here are few lines of code to make it running in a Grails application Installation First of all, you have to download the library. The easiest way is to install a plugin modalbox grails install-plugin… Continue reading Modalbox in Grails

Live fulltext search in Ruby on Rails

Some time ago I promised to create a small tutorial about live fulltext search. A fulltext search, that gives you results as you type. Ingredients: Ruby on rails ferret gem (gem install ferret) acts_as_ferret gem (gem install acts_as_ferret) auto_complete plugin (from the application root: ruby script/plugin install auto_complete) What we will do Create an empty… Continue reading Live fulltext search in Ruby on Rails