Bayes classification in Ruby made easy

Recently I was experimenting with ruby bayes classification. At first sight it looks like a difficult topic, but with the right libraries it is interesting and funny. Before you start experimenting, you have to install 3 gems. gem install classifier gem install madeleine Confirm the required stemmer gem. For the beginning, lets experiment with the… Continue reading Bayes classification in Ruby made easy

Utilizing Caches.rb with Ferret

We needed to cache a Ruby class method calling the Ferret indexing engine. “Yurii Rashkovskii”: developed a great library called “Caches.rb”: When I googled it out, it seemed very simple to use and promised to do *EXACTLY* what I need (even the default timeout was *JUST IT*). I especially liked the very Rails-like tutorial “Don’t… Continue reading Utilizing Caches.rb with Ferret

How to show performance statistics in a chart

Working on performance tests and tuning is an interesting and challenging job. One has to prepare tests, execute and also evaluate them. The preparation and execution is not always easy, but it is manageable. The evaluation of the tests comes with an interesting problem. The problem is called data visualization. I was testing a system… Continue reading How to show performance statistics in a chart