Live fulltext search in Ruby on Rails

Some time ago I promised to create a small tutorial about live fulltext search. A fulltext search, that gives you results as you type. Ingredients: Ruby on rails ferret gem (gem install ferret) acts_as_ferret gem (gem install acts_as_ferret) auto_complete plugin (from the application root: ruby script/plugin install auto_complete) What we will do Create an empty… Continue reading Live fulltext search in Ruby on Rails

Bootstrapping Grails integration tests

It is quite easy to prepare test environment the same as the development one. Just use Bootstrap. class BootstrappedTests extends GroovyTestCase { void testBootstrap() { new BootStrap().init(null) assert MyDomain.count() == 5 // Perform your tests here } }

Custom iterative tag in Grails with named variable

I will show you how to create an iterative Grails tag that can contain another tag. The inner tag will use variable of the iterative tag. So, we are going to implement a tag that creates n links ‘/show/1’, ‘/show/2’, etc. with description ‘Article number 1’, ‘Article number 2’ etc.: First of all, there is… Continue reading Custom iterative tag in Grails with named variable

From Mysql to Oracle: Grails application migration

Today I have finished migration of our Grails prototype. Originally we did develop it for MySQL, but the final system have to work with Oracle. This post summarize troubles and differences I was facing. User creation Since I am not Oracle administrator, it took me some time to put together script that creates user and… Continue reading From Mysql to Oracle: Grails application migration

MagicDraw documentation

I like MagicDraw as a versatile CASE open to customizations. But recently, I’ve found this in the official MagicDraw javadoc: Well, you can’t say the OpenAPI is missing open (ended) documentation, can you? Update: For a start, I’ve created an index of MagicDraw 14.0 OpenAPI examples. You may find it useful – place it in… Continue reading MagicDraw documentation

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Google is the best search engine

I was checking my rail stat data and I did find this. It seems that Google is really the best search engine. Even people from Yahoo are using it. :o)

Making Grails log a Rails log

Grails log is verbose… very verbose. I got used to the Rails one, especially for the stack traces. Most of the time I am not interested in hundreds of messages about Hibernate not being happy with the parameter I did pass to it. Most of the time the problem is on my side and I… Continue reading Making Grails log a Rails log

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Moved to WordPress

Welcome to WordPress! We have moved to a new blogging platform and on that occasion we have also introduced a fresh new graphical design. Otherwise, all things should remain as you know them – good old articles with comments, permalinks, categories etc. Should you miss something, don’t hesitate to leave a comment here.

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